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Why learn at Dr. Phil´s?
You have exhausted yourself ploughing through all the information available about online language learning? You want to learn a language online but don’t know who offers the best learning experience?

Your search ends here.

Over 30 Years of Experience

We teach because we know how to get you to your desired learning goals. Our language trainers are professionals.
The founder, Mitar Pitzek aka Dr. Phil himself, has more than 30 years of experience in language training and setting up succesful language schools.

Skilled and Motivated Teachers

One of the most important ingredients of succesful language learning are the right insturctors. At Dr. Phil’s we have the best teachers who develop into your mentors and learning coaches.
YOU choose your ideal coach for your journey.

Educational Excellence

Having ‚live’ online learning sessions does not mean to miss out on vital communication aspects.
Thanks to our modern language training techniques, an individual studying scheme and learning progress tracking, we make sure to guide you through your language learning experience.


You are a very busy bee? You know best when is the right time and place to jump into a live training session with your teacher.
At Dr. Phil’s we believe that the most sustainable way of learning a new language is when it fits into YOUR diary.

Dr. Phil’s is a place for eager learners who strive to succeed in learning a new language. Who wouldn’t want to be supported by passionate, experienced,
motivational, funny and strong language trainers? Who wouldn’t want to choose their own teachers and get a holistic and individual learning experience?

Give a meaningful gift to somebody important to you. Reward your customers and employees with a gift they’ll love.

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Perfection Conversation

Perfection Conversation

It is an efficient and convenient way of learning a new language, no matter where you are. At Dr. Phil’s you will interact with your teacher in a live video lesson.

Standard Language

Standard Language

Our individual learning approach is popular throughout all skill levels. Learners will experience quick and tangible progress whilst flexible scheduling.

Business Language

Business Language

Our Business Language Training was specifically developed for companies and places of work across all language levels.

Youth lessons

Youth lessons

Our instructors know all the right tools and methods to support young learners on their journey to successfully learn a new language.

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skilled and motivated teachers

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What a little Lao boy has to do with language learning

What a little Lao boy has to do with language learning

Have you ever thought about what might be the best way to learn a language? What makes you succeed best? When we teachers ask our students how they would like to learn, they generally don’t know. They hope it just happens, by some kind of magic. After all we already speak at least one language...

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5 Free Resources for Learning German on the Road

5 Free Resources for Learning German on the Road

Learning a language is not for the faint of heart. It’s the motivated and the brave who persevere to the finish line of fluency. Learning a language, like most things, takes practice and time. A lot of it. Seriously, A LOT. And not just in the classroom. Practice, repetition and repeated...

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How to Learn German by Visiting Art Museums (for B1+ learners)

How to Learn German by Visiting Art Museums (for B1+ learners)

On your first day in Vienna, you will be overwhelmed by all the stunning buildings around you. Especially Vienna’s city center, the first district (also called „Innere Stadt“ meaning „inner city“ due to the huge wall, that surrounded it until the 19th century), is filled with century-old...

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