Who is Dr. Mitar?

Dr. Mitar´s, that is me: Mitar Pitzek.

After I was among first break dancers in Belgrade in the late 80’s I was educated as an airplane mechanic. That is however not the story of how Dr. Mitar´s became an online language learning space.


This is me at the age of 10.

How it all began

30 Summers ago, a book called Siddhartha by Herman Hesse shook me to the core. I was so impressed that I decided I had to read it in its original language. So I started learning German the very same day. I then moved on to study German at University, first in Belgrade, then in Vienna and finally in Berlin, where I received my Dr. phil.

After many years of teaching I had a vision of creating the best possible place to learn German in Vienna. I wanted to create a space for ambitious learners. For people who strive to succeed in learning a new language and acquiring a new skill. So I founded the INNES Institute Vienna to make that dream come true.

After supervising the courses and language lessons I noticed that a lot of our clients came back after their courses ended and enquired to continue their learning with the same teachers. It was then I understood how important it was to match the right teacher with the right student. Only then, it becomes a truly holistic learning experience.

That was the beginning of Dr. Mitar´s online language learning school. Dr. Mitar´s is the place where you get to choose which of our talented teachers you want to study with.

Start learning with our

experienced and motivating teachers

Best ones for best experience

We only work with the best language instructors. Dr. Mitar himself choses each and every one of them, so he can make sure you get the best language learning experience you can possibly have. Of course they also come with bags of online teaching experience and relevant academic background. But most importantly, they will lead you through a great language-learning journey with open minds, charisma, passion and motivation. We believe that this is the basis of a successful learning experience.

It’s all about energy

You choose your teacher. At Dr. Mitar´s we don’t want to make this important decision for you. You know your personal style so therefore you take the pick. What we provide is the information you need to decide. Check out the videos and information about each teacher.

Let yourself get carried away by their charming personality, wittiness or impressive teaching experience – you choose with whom you feel most comfortable with. But no pressure! If you feel like you made the wrong choice after your first meeting, you still have the opportunity to change your mind and go for a different instructor, because we know that it’s all about energy.