Mariela Reggiani

Mariela Reggiani

“Start believing it is possible.”
Hi, my name is Mariela and I am a native Spanish teacher.
My first contact with language teaching was a three-year experience in a kindergarten, where I helped children develop their writing and speaking abilities for the first time. I then had the opportunity to become a teacher for adults in Brazil, which was an unexpected chance for personal growth. This venture expanded into translating, developing an online preparatory course dedicated to students planning to take the CELU test, teaching Spanish for a business setting and aiding in the creation of a guidance program destined for up-and-coming teachers. I also had the opportunity to work as an education consultant at an important language learning publisher called Difusión.
In all of my 23-year experience, what I liked the most is seeing how much a person has grown in their personal language learning journey and being able to bring a bit of the different Hispanic cultures to the classes. Some of my hobbies include traveling, reading, and watching movies from all around the world.

Teaching Focus: General Spanish | Perfection Training | CELU Preparation 

CET availability: 12:30-24:00

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