Natasha Nakamura Cordeiro

Natasha Nakamura Cordeiro
“Enjoy each step, for in every moment there is something to learn”

I am Natasha Nakamura Cordeiro and I´m a Brazilian educator. I believe in Education and Language as a tool for empowerment and development. It might sound huge. However, the small accomplishments are what really matter, those little steps when students and I are truly living (not only studying) a simple topic in class, either in-person or virtual. There is a Brazilian poet called Manoel de Barros, he is known for his simplicity and deepness, just like the way I think life and teaching should be, and this is why I do like his poems. Let me show you a piece of his poem: «E gostasse mais de ensinar que a exuberância maior está nos insetos do que nas paisagens.»
Besides poetry and gardening (my brand new hobby), I have been working in the field of education, over the last 10 years, specially as a second/foreign language teacher (Portuguese). Living in China and NY helped me to be more open minded, which is essential to teach students from so different backgrounds and ages. My work is focused on adult training and children/teenagers for test preparations, such as CELPE-Bras (the only Brazilian certificate of proficiency in Portuguese as a foreign language).

Teaching Focus: General Portuguese| Perfection Training | School Children Training | CELPE-Bras Preparation

CET availability: 11:00-24:00

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