Silvia Calderon

Silvia Calderon

“Treat other how you want to be treated”

Hello, my name is Silvia and I come from Spain. I am the ninth in a family of eleven siblings. I have three kids and 31 nephews, so I have been always surrounded by people, hence my open character. With such a big family, I have learned since I was a child to help us each other, to work in a team, to listen and to respect the differences from the others. I am pretty convinced that my passion for teaching in general and mainly, since I live in Vienna, language teaching came from that.

For me, one of the most important thing when I am teaching is to respect and attend all the needs and diversities of my students (such as mother tongue, cultural references….) I find it very enriching for both.
In a global world like today we need to open up to new cultures, to understand another person’s life, that is why language learning is a very effective tool.
I have been teaching Spanish for the past 4 years, covering students of all levels, focus on general and business language, school children and test preparations as DELE.

Teaching Focus: General Spanish | Perfection Training | Business Language | DELE Preparation 

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