General Terms and Conditions


Learning a language requires motivation, time and effort. Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) aims to make this process as pleasant and effective for each student by addressing personal learning needs. Our Terms and Conditions of Service follow the same approach. Our Terms and Conditions of Service aim to be evenhanded, in accordance with Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) philosophy of conducting its business in a fair manner for students and tutors. Tutors are instructed to fully comply with these terms and condition of service. At the same time, the tutors are asked to identify and communicate to the administration all unintended disadvantages of students and cases of hardship. Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) encourages students to point out what is not working well and what could be done better.

Students are not trapped in long-term contracts. Tutors are enabled to dedicate their efforts to the students’ individual needs and wishes. There are no hidden charges.

Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) philosophy is to be fair. Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) sincerely hopes that its philosophy of fairness is evident in each and every of the provisions below.

  1. Services provided

Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) specializes in private lessons during which a tutor works exclusively with one student. The learning targets of the student determine the content of the private lessons. On a case by case basis, Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) offers also related services, such as group courses.

  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) has the website and can be reached via
    1. E-mail:
    2. +43 1 890 65 85

2. Technical requirements

  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) conducts the private lessons primarily via video chat. Students prefer to use Skype® but, upon request, it is also possible to use Zoom®. Only very exceptionally, if students or tutors have temporarily no other technical means, videocalls with WhatsApp® could be arranged instead.
  • Lessons via video chat require that students have access to a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet with a camera and a microphone, on which Skype® is installed. Headphones are not mandatory, but advisable. Furthermore, a sufficiently fast internet connection is needed (minimum 5Mb, but the ideal would be 10Mb or higher). The tutor will be connected through cable (Ethernet) and we advise students to do the same. The quality and velocity of an Ethernet connection is better and faster than wi-fi.
  • The student needs to have a Skype® account, a working e-mail address, and preferably a WhatsApp®
  • Even though it is not mandatory, Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) recommends that students provide the tutor with their mobile phone numbers. This enables the tutors to send students a WhatsApp® message as reminder in the case a student is not online on the scheduled time.

3. Free 30-minutes introduction

  • Each new student can ask Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) for a 30-minute free clearance meeting to get to know our learning approach and the personal tutor. This free time is of course free of charge with no strings attached.
    • In the contact form, potential future students are asked to provide their name and e-mail address.
    • In order to schedule the first lesson, the student is asked to indicate preferable dates and times, between 08:00 to 20:00, Central European Time).
    • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) will contact students only regarding the scheduling and realization of lessons. Students will not receive any advertising or newsletter. At Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s), the data of the students will not be shared with any third parties and will only be used by their tutors, our administration and our accountant. Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) asks students only for the data that are needed for addressing the students and for scheduling the students’ lessons. For more information, refer to “Privacy Policy”.
  • Within one working day after receiving a payment, Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) will send the potential student a confirmation e-mail. This confirmation e-mail either states one of the dates and times proposed by the student or suggests alternative dates and times in case none of the student’s proposed dates and times are available.
  • Around 15 minutes before the agreed start, the tutor sends the student a reminder e-mail of this date.
  • During clearance session, the tutor is reflecting on the new student’s needs and shows directly how they are addressed. In turn, new students can establish whether they like approach and whether there is a expected good energy between them and their tutor.
  • The booked tutor does not oblige the student to any further learning sessions with this tutor and is free to choose a different tutor.

More details regarding the exchange of communications immediately before lessons and the technical requirements for on-line lessons are provided in “10. Communication for conducting paid lessons” below and “§2. Technical requirements” above.

  1. Offered lessons and blocks of lessons
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) offers two types of lessons, one of 60 minutes and one of 90 minutes. For both types of lessons, Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) offers single lessons and blocks of 10 or 20 or 40 lessons.
  • Continuity is a key to the success in learning a language. Therefore, Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) advises students to take blocks of lessons instead of single lessons.
  • Moreover, the more lessons the students do purchase, the more they save.
  • When you are about to finish your learning block, you can purchase a new one and plan with us a new sequence of lessons.
  1. When to take lessons and how to schedule and combine them
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) schedules lessons from 08:00 until 20:00 (Central European Time). Knowing the busy schedules of our students, on a case by case basis, we could even provide lessons on other times.
  • For educational reasons, Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s recommends no lessons shorter than 60 minutes. It is our experience that lessons of 90 minutes tend to be more effective than those of 60 minutes.
  • Students can schedule as many consecutive lessons as they wish. Some of our students do prefer an entire afternoon or evening of several consecutive lessons to benefit from the deeper immersion into the language.
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) recommends scheduling lessons in some sort of regular intervals. Daily lesson would in most cases be the best, but unfortunately are very often not feasible for the students. Most of the students have lessons once or twice a week. Either way, the students decide on the duration and the frequency that they are most comfortable with and that serves them best.
  1. Planning and setting the student’s learning schedule
  • The student is asked to establish and finalize the schedule for the lesson(s) together with the tutor, who shall provide all possible assistance. The way and means to establish and fine-tune the schedule depend on the student’s preferences. Students can agree with their tutors on their schedules in exchanges of e-mails.
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) aims to always accommodate each student’s requests regarding the lesson’s timing and duration. The only limitations for scheduling new lessons are the tutor’s previously made commitments to other students.
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) processes and accommodates requests for lessons on a first in, first out basis.
  • In case a requested time-slot is not available, the tutor will try to accommodate the request during the preferred alternative time-slots as indicated by the student.
  1. Invoice for lessons
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) will issue its electronic invoice and send it via e-mail to the students immediately after registration.
  • The invoice shall state the amount due, date, the reference number of the invoice, address, telephone number, e-mail, website and IBAN bank account. Furthermore, the invoice shall state also the VAT amount of zero and that the services of are exempt from VAT in accordance with the Austrian law § 6 Abs 1 Z. 11 UStG 1994.
  • The Austrian law requires that Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) invoices state also the student’s name and address.
  1. Paying for lessons
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) considers that payments for lessons become due once the student has completed the registration process by clicking the button “complete”. Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) requires the payment to be received prior to the lessons, i.e.
    • a) prior to the individual lesson or
    • b) prior to the first lesson from a block of lessons
  • The students can pay with IBAN bank transfer or PayPal®. IBAN bank transfers within the EU require between 2 to 3 bank working days. National and local public holidays in the student’s country or in Austria will cause additional delays. PayPal® transfers are immediate.
  • Students are asked that the purpose of the payment is clearly identified in the IBAN bank transfer, preferably with the student’s name and the reference number of the invoice sent by Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s).
  • Within one working day of receiving the payment, Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) shall send the final schedule and the confirmation of having received this payment to the student via e-mail.
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) issuing the invoice and the student paying the amount due is considered to constitute a concluded contract.
  1. Cancellations
  • The student can cancel an already scheduled lesson free of charge up until 48 hours before its start, contacting the tutor via e-mail and/or WhatsApp®. The cancelled lesson shall be rescheduled to another date and time. This means that the student has already paid for this lesson, has the right to it and will not have to pay any extra fee for the rescheduling.
    • If the student cancels a lesson less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of it or does not show up at the agreed time (see “10. Communication for conducting paid sessions”), the lesson is considered missed. The student can catch up on the contents of this missed lesson at a later date, but the student will need to purchase this lesson and schedule it with the tutor.
  • If the tutor needs to cancel a lesson, he or she will notify the Student by e-mail (and, if possible, also by WhatsApp®) and the cancelled lesson shall be rescheduled to another date and time. This means that the student has already paid for this lesson, has the right to it and will not have to pay any extra fee for the rescheduling.
  1. Communication for conducting paid lessons
  • Around 5-10 minutes before the start of the scheduled lesson, the tutor is online in and sends a message inviting the student for the meeting.
  • If the student is not online and/or does not respond, the tutor tries to contact the student repeatedly, also via e-mail, chat messages and/or WhatsApp® messages.
  • After having waited for 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the lesson without any reply from the student, the tutor calls off the lesson due to the student’s non-attendance and informs the student via e-mail accordingly. This lesson missed by the student is non-refundable and will not be rescheduled free of charge (see “9. Cancellations”).
  • The student can show up until 15 minutes late without having the lesson cancelled because of this delay, but we kindly ask students to be on time for their lessons. The minutes that they have lost by not being on time cannot be added as an extension to the lesson, that needs to finish on the agreed time, because it would be unjustifiable to make the next student wait because of the delay of the previous one.
  • Following each given lesson (or group of consecutive lessons), the tutor sends an e-mail with a confirmation of the lesson(s) and the updated status of account prepared by the administration. The status of account informs the student about the lessons already taken and still to be taken.
  1. Technical difficulties
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) tutors are equipped with all technical means needed. However, last-minute technical problems (software and/or internet connection fails, no electricity…) are possible. If due to such unfortunate and unforeseen reasons the tutor is not able to give the lesson, he or she will notify the student via WhatsApp®. If the student is the one experiencing technical difficulties, he or she shall also use WhatsApp® to inform the tutor.
  • If there are no other technical means, and to avoid the inconvenience of suspending the lesson on such short notice, and if the student agrees, the lesson can be exceptionally conducted via WhatsApp® videocall.
  • If the WhatsApp® videocall is not technically possible, or if the student does not agree with it, and the technical difficulty is happening on the side of the tutor, the lesson will be rescheduled to another date and time free of charge for the student.
  1. Contents of lessons and learning materials
  • The content of Language Exploring GmbH Dr. Mitar´s) lessons is personalized to address each student’s particular needs and preferences.
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) works on the base of didactic sequences that are thematically organized and that include communicative structures, grammar and vocabulary, designed to practice the four linguistic skills of the student (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
  1. Certificate of attendance
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) issues certificates of attendance stating the level students have reached and the number of lessons taken. Please note, that these attendance certificates, as the attendance certificates from all other language schools, do not accredit the students’ competence level.
  • In order to have a competence level certification, students must pass an official exam such as TELC, DELE, SIELE, CELPE-Bras, ÖSD etc. Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) can prepare students to take these tests, if they have such academic goals.
  • Some tutors at Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) are certified trainers for the TELC, ÖSD, DELE and other exams and are happy to prepare the students for these exams.
  1. Reimbursing unused lessons
  • For practical and pedagogical reasons, lessons cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Not taken but paid lessons, also from blocks of 10 or 25 lessons, will be reimbursed upon the student’s request. The free bonus lessons from blocks of lessons are by definition not paid and therefore cannot be reimbursed. The reimbursement is calculated based on Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) price list.
  • Regrettably, we have to pass on to our students the administrative fee of 10% of the remaining amount, which we are charged by our accountant for processing such reimbursements and transferring the money.
  • To limit the possibilities of fraud, all reimbursements are made by default to the same IBAN bank account, PayPal® account, credit card or similar that was used when paying for the lessons that are to be reimbursed.


  1. Switching from single lessons to blocks of lessons
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) is fully aware that students are cautious before committing themselves to a – for them – new language school on a long-term basis. The result is that new students tend to purchase initially single lessons and purchase blocks of lessons only later.
  • Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) takes into account this natural and very understandable initial reticence and helps students who would like to switch from single lessons to a block of lessons.
  • Therefore, a student can purchase a block of lessons and considers that up to 5 immediately previously taken individual lessons do become retroactively part of the purchased block of lessons. The result is that the cost of the purchased block is reduced by the amount already paid for the up to 5 immediately previously taken individual lessons, and the student has the same right to the discounted fee. in the case of a 10-lesson block and to the last three free lessons in the case of a 25-lesson block.
  • In view of the related administrative burden, Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) considers that – by definition – each student has to overcome such initial reticence only once.
  1. Price list
  • The current prices for the services of Language Exploring GmbH (Dr. Mitar´s) are published on the website.
  • All services already paid in full but not rendered yet before a price change shall be settled at the initial, lower prices; price increases are not applicable.
  1. Modification of these terms and conditions of service
  • All changes and modification of the above terms and conditions of service shall be made in written form only.

Vienna, November 2020