Perfection Conversation

Perfection Conversation

First, let us introduce you to online learning. It is an efficient and convenient way of learning a new language, no matter where you are. At Dr. Phil’s you will interact with your teacher in a live video lesson. You instructor will address all your linguistic requirements and engage with you in specific and individual areas of interest depending on your language goals and setting.

You are not familiar with online classes? No problem. We are here to guide you through this exciting learning experience. We will help you make the best of it and how you can apply learning strategies specifically designed for remote learning.

Get ready!

To start your journey at Dr. Phil’s you only need a computer with internet access and webcam.

Alternatively, you can use your smartphone – it’s up to you. Whether you use a course book or your instructors learning material will be decided in class.

At Dr. Phil we are communicating via ZOOM, an online videoconference app.

If you prefer another video chat provider you can of course let us know. Our first priority is always to make you feel most comfortable.