Standard Language

Standard Language

Our individual learning approach is popular throughout all skill levels. Learners will experience quick and tangible progress whilst flexible scheduling. Your personal class can take place between 6am and 10pm (CET) from Monday to Friday.

You can decide how long and how many classes you take but we recommend starting with a duration of 90 minutes a week, which equals two lessons.

Everyone has a different reason for learning a new language. What’s yours?

We aim to help you reach your language goals. To achieve them, your teacher will develop an ideal learning method that suits your learning habits and time resources. These include:

• acquire all five skills in your chosen language as in; listening, reading, speaking, writing and interacting
• expand your active use of vocabulary
• learn the grammar and being able to use it in everyday situations
• improve your pronunciation
• strengthen your confidence in speaking the language
• prepare an authentic conversation
• study for a specific exam
• enter the Austrian job market

Together we then create the perfect learning environment and the most promising strategy for you to succeed.