Delphine Harada

Delphine Harada

“L’enseignement c’est une amitié “ meaning “Teaching is a friendship”

I first started teaching french in Turkey in 2014. I have always loved teaching historic facts, dance and french. What I love about teaching this language is to see how students are keen to learn it for pleasure when they ask questions, when they are focus to improve, when they are into a rôle or a game to play, when they enjoy it. French is a poetic and smooth language full of exceptions that makes it charming. I have been teaching children, teenagers and adults of all levels for the past 6 years. For each lesson I try to personalize as possible as I can according to the student. I am very patient and make sure you understand well by asking questions or saying « pardon, sorry? Or even using my body and face’s language so you correct yourself. I always try to make you speak much more than I. My lessons are all in french only so you’re immersed into the language from the beginning. You will « guess » how the grammar works by yourself first then I explain it so in that way you learn efficiently. More than teaching grammar, vocabulary and expressions, I see teaching french as sharing knowledges, cultures, experiences and opinions to get to know each other. I’ve been teaching online for months with schools’ students and with my own students. I find teaching online convenient as there is :

  more flexibility : no need to commute between home and work

  the student can feel more comfortable being home so it becomes easier to speak

  the speed of sharing and finding documents according to the level and the needs of the student. It’s more adapted to each student.

   The exchange by using the tools of a program so it remains an active lesson for both teacher and student.

 Teaching Focus: General French | Perfection Training | School Children Training |  Business Language | DELF/ DALF/ TCF/ TEF Preparation 

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