Laurence Bodson

Laurence Bodson

“Une langue différente est une vision différente de la vie.”
(a different language is a different version of life).

Bonjour. I am Laurence, a native French teacher and have been teaching French for over five years. I am a caring, passionate, energetic teacher as well as a life-long learner. I have a degree in business administration as well as a Master’s degree in Teaching French as a foreign language. I am an examiner-scorer for the certification DELF-DALF. Besides, I have extensive experience teaching adults as well as teenagers and children.

I also love travelling, getting to know other cultures, touring on the bike, hiking, learning languages, reading and cooking. Passionate about languages and cultures, I lived in many European countries as well as in Asia. These experiences made me very comfortable working with different kinds of people of all ages.

Teaching the best way I can is something I really care about and I therefore keep training myself in the field of education. Besides having a Master’s degree in teaching French as a Foreign language, I also trained myself for teaching children and joined trainings to learn about teaching online. I always try to come up with creative ideas to make the class more enjoyable and dynamic and get them interested in learning. I believe there is not only one way to teach but many, the same way as there are different ways to learn. Therefore it is only by taking the time to get to know the learner and being able to change one’s way of teaching that one can make the best language training.

Teaching Focus: General French | School Children Training | Perfection Training | DELF & DALF Preparation

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