“Education is the great equalizer” – Kofi Annan

Currently I am living in Vienna and working in a full-time bilingual school in Bratislava. I teach elementary students (grades 1-6) the core subjects of their curriculum though the medium of English using the CLIL approach. My teaching style is definitely that of a communicative one, putting the students in the centre with inductive exercises to maximise critical thinking, practice fluency and moreover, teaching them to learn to love the language. Part-time I also work with the British Council in Bratislava, facilitating classes for young learners (grades 5-8).

My teaching career started in 2012 when following my initial TEFL certificate. I moved to rural Brazil and worked in a language school which taught using the Direct Method, similar to the style used in Callan schools. At this time I realised this was something which I really enjoyed so I completed the more intensive CELTA in 2013. I moved to Rio de Janeiro and taught business English to professionals for a year then decided that I would return to Ireland in 2014 to study Linguistics, a discipline which I am still fascinated by today.

During my undergraduate degree at University College Dublin (2015-2018) I used my summer months to travel and teach in various residential and day camps working as an English language tutor, namely in Austria, Italy and Ireland. I also used this time to volunteer and travel to Nicaragua for a month to help construct a school and help train local teachers. In Ireland I set up an English language group for migrants and refugees in my hometown, which is still active to this day. Following my graduation I moved to Vienna in 2018 to be closer to my wife (a Music teacher). I am currently in my final year of my Master degree in Educational Leadership (UCD) which I am planning to focus my thesis on the different styles of educational leadership in International baccalaureate schools. If you are interested about my volunteering projects you can visit my blog at – or watch videos about my teaching style, you can visit my website at –

Teaching Focus: General English | Perfection Training | School Children Training | Business Language



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